Adding the Gambian Rhythm to New York

This was my first solo multi-media project. I followed Ebrima Jassey and Salieu Suso around for days, trying to learn more about their life and music. I finished editing this video last year and only realized it’s importance after watching it again today.

In the most stubborn way, I have rejected all suggestions of trying to expand my skillset and embrace multimedia. I stuck to print and all that it has to offer — not monetarily because that is not even quantifiable these days, but solely due to the satisfaction I get from penning my thoughts.

Nonetheless, in my pursuit and my dogged determination, I realize that I might have not given myself and my story enough credits.

Ebrima Jassey is the main character of my story and plays an instrument called Balaphone. Salieu Suso plays the Kora and both of them reconnected in New York, through music and their struggles.

It’s easy to spot Ebrima on 51st Lexington Ave station or 14th St-Union Square. I know rushing through the subway stations can be chaotic but if you do stumble upon a pleasant note, take a moment to just —  listen.

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