About Me

Writers and journalists from all over the world come to New York to live a dream; they come chasing a fantasy they seldom find. I came to New York three years ago searching for answers to many questions, some of which remain unresolved. One of them, however, put me on my journey to becoming an insomniac and an obsessive stalker.

In the country where I was born, a newspaper delivery boy delivers newspapers and magazine subscriptions at every doorstep before the break of dawn. The newspaper is passed around the house in a hierarchical fashion: from the eldest to the youngest that is if the patriarchy is subdued. My home operated in a similar fashion until smartphones came along. Suddenly I could feel the world unfolding its secrets in my feeble palm.

With a passion for writing and the knowledge of traditional journalism, I set foot into the world of digital expertise. I understood pretty soon that every journalist is now a jack of all traits with being a master at some. Acknowledging the importance of print and gaining a new insight in multimedia, I turned myself into a complete package whose delivery was at the right door: somewhere in New York.

My work has mostly revolved around profiling ordinary people: a sex worker, a refugee from Liberia, an undocumented immigrant, lawyers, artists, a homeless man and people with everyday struggles. I am also interested in culture, art, and events and every so often cover them for various publications.

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