Where Pride Begins

Tens of thousands of people flocked to New York City’s largest and most diverse borough, Queens, to join in and support its annual Pride march on June 2. Queens is home to immigrant communities from more than 120 countries with 135 official languages spoken in its public schools, making it New York City’s most diverse borough.Continue reading “Where Pride Begins”

Adding the Gambian Rhythm to New York

This was my first solo multi-media project. I followed Ebrima Jassey and Salieu Suso around for days, trying to learn more about their life and music. I finished editing this video last year and only realized it’s importance after watching it again today. In the most stubborn way, I have rejected all suggestions of tryingContinue reading “Adding the Gambian Rhythm to New York”

March For Lives New York City

  About 1,50,000 protestors gathered around Central Park on March 24 to protest gun violence. This is my first multimedia project and a short film I produced along with my co-reporters Samantha Sneider and Laura Diaz.   For original article- https://www.theodysseyonline.com/march-for-lives-new-york-city  

Bay Ridge residents call on Donovan yet again

  New York City’s only Republican Congressman, Dan Donovan’s constituents have often complained of his disappearance since he got elected. Surrounded by a multitude of controversies, Donovan’s stance on immigration policies and the Muslim ban have led to a public outcry among Bay Ridge and Staten Island residents: people of his constituency. The protest, sponsoredContinue reading “Bay Ridge residents call on Donovan yet again”