Target development in anti-gentrification group’s crosshairs as too big for Elmhurst

Queens Neighborhoods United, an anti-gentrification group, is set to appeal what they call an “illegal” development in Elmhurst, Queens, that includes a Target. According to the organization, the new development violates the local zoning laws that prohibit construction of “big-box” department stores in the area. Democratic nominees Catalina Cruz and Jessica Ramos joined residents of JacksonContinue reading “Target development in anti-gentrification group’s crosshairs as too big for Elmhurst”

Packing clothes, and deferred dreams

You can fit a Bible or an extra pair of jeans. You might have to choose between photographs and letters. And do you take the sturdy boots or the formal black shoes?   You think of him stranded on a desert trail, in the scorching heat. But there’s no room for a hat. Or maybeContinue reading “Packing clothes, and deferred dreams”

Scissors and razors, brushes and chairs

  A routine grooming visit, for men at least, amounts to little more than a shave and a swift cut.   But at Arthur Rubinoff’s Barber Museum on Columbus Avenue, a cut with a pair of diamond-studded gold scissors isn’t the only thing that screams extravagant. If you aren’t already impressed by the six gold-platedContinue reading “Scissors and razors, brushes and chairs”

Airing it out

    Open cockpits dominated the skies during the 1920s and ‘30s. And that freedom to roam the heavens was, for a time, a metaphor for an epoch when everything seemed limitless. On the ground, too, optimism spread like fog on a summer morning. And, in greater and greater numbers, women were in the forefrontContinue reading “Airing it out”

A quiet, lethal art

    Legs move in rhythmic motions. Punches are thrown and released. But there are no loud thuds — noise is kept to a bare minimum at this Upper West Side dojo. A woman pushes the door open and storms towards the desk, “Hi! I would like to find out about …” The response fromContinue reading “A quiet, lethal art”