Maria de Los Angeles’ art inspired by immigration stories, including her own

  The car’s last halt before pulling over at the San Diego Sector of the United States Border Patrol was in Tijuana, at the children’s aunt’s place. It was 1999, when the fencing on Friendship Park — the only federally sanctioned meeting point between Mexico and the United States — was a single layer. Situated between San Diego andContinue reading “Maria de Los Angeles’ art inspired by immigration stories, including her own”

Packing clothes, and deferred dreams

You can fit a Bible or an extra pair of jeans. You might have to choose between photographs and letters. And do you take the sturdy boots or the formal black shoes?   You think of him stranded on a desert trail, in the scorching heat. But there’s no room for a hat. Or maybeContinue reading “Packing clothes, and deferred dreams”

Revisiting the undocumented New York

New York, ever since its establishment, has been a city of migrants: its character, a well-rounded one with a flush of black, brown and white on its skin. Indeed, in its truest form, New York is a concrete jungle that breathes in the toxins produced by automobiles driven by ‘underdogs.’ In its romantic form, whichContinue reading “Revisiting the undocumented New York”

Hundreds of students gather to fight back Trump

It is difficult not to let out a tear of joy when you see people all around the world joining hands to support a community that they may not even be a part of. It is even more difficult to not raise your head with pride and in high sprits when you witness tiny fingersContinue reading “Hundreds of students gather to fight back Trump”

Trump’s immigration policy brings reactions of all types

Social media has now become a breeding ground for voicing public opinions and a platform to callout for support. What started as a ripple on Facebook soon sent tremendous currents throughout New York, and throughout the country. On February 17th protestors observed what they called “A day without immigrants,” by skipping work and missing schoolContinue reading “Trump’s immigration policy brings reactions of all types”