7 hopes from seven Indians

Where new ideas can blossom RITHVIK RAJA | 28 | Carnatic musician, Chennai “There are many questions being raised about freedom of speech today, and there’s an amazing sense of awareness and energy among the youth. New ideas and innovative narratives need encouragement to see real change. Artistic expressions and creative impulses of youth haveContinue reading “7 hopes from seven Indians”

Kamathipura’s Warrior

  Hazra Mohommad Ali Shah, 50, lived in Kamathipura, in a ramshackle one bedroom where curtains replaced the main door. The hoarding outside, “Family Room No. 19” was on the verge of collapse and had been carefully placed over a stack of empty water buckets. Inside, clothes and cups hung over floating wires tied toContinue reading “Kamathipura’s Warrior”